See How Map Decisions Can Save Time and Money

The federal mandate for sign management is here and you want to keep residents safe. How does Map Decisions’ approach compare to a manual sign management process? Let’s take a look…

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These savings assume:

  • It will take approximately 25 minutes per sign if your employees use a manual method of pen, paper and digital camera. This includes 15 minutes filling out standard 2-page forms plus the additional labor at the office including 5 min of transcribing data into system, and 5 min to upload and attach photos to proper record.
  • That the Map Decisions team requires approximately 5 minutes per sign using our mobile application and specially trained technicians.

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We assume desktop or laptop computers are available to view and access your data on the cloud. Our web application is accessible via modern web browsers (IE9+ or equivalent) and does not require installation of special software or IT department labor. Off-the-shelf Android tablets are required to view your data on Map Decisions mobile application–these devices and associated data plans are available from our partners if needed.